Beat Making – Hardware Sound Modules in Software

Many music producers these days are switching from hardware to software, and for good reason. Software is much more flexible than most hardware, and with the right tools you can replicate many of hardware’s best features, such as the warmth (to some extent) and filters. But what about the sounds? How do you get the source sounds in your software to sound like they came out of your Yamaha Motif or MU10?

There are several methods to playing the same sounds. Firstly, we’ll discuss the hardest way to do this so we can move onto the more practical methods. The most difficult and time consuming way to transport your sounds, then, is to export them (record them) via the hardware and then import them into the applicable software program.

There are several programs that can help you to do this, such as Sample Robot, which can be obtained via For 1000 or more patches, you may want to set aside a few weeks to get all the sounds across. If you want to multi-sample each note, which can add realism, it may take even longer!

The easiest way to move over to the digital world is to look for software equivalent designed by the original manufacturer. For instance, Korg has released its Legacy Digital Edition software to allow people a smooth transition from their original devices like the 05R/W. Many vendors do similar things, but if your hardware is not supported yet then you may need to follow the time-consuming sample export process outlined above.

When it comes to emulating the workstations of old, there are legal issues as well. You are not supposed to distribute the sounds in their source form, and digitising them allows some scrupulous characters to do bad by the companies.

For the actual synth modules, such as the Virus range, certain software emulations exist, but you need additional hardware to use as processors. Hopefully the Access company will allow proper software emulations to be produced without the need of these hardware-assisted processes.

Computers have gotten fairly fast anyway, with quad-core processors now the standard, and huge amounts of memory cheap and easy to install. If you are actually exporting synth sounds (many do this for their old Moogs), try to get filter plug-ins that emulate the old machines’, or you may be left with static and uninspiring results. The most important thing to remember is this: as long as the software remains faithful to the original, there is no harm in using it in place of the hardware.

How To Fly Without Ever Leaving Your Home Using Flight Simulator Games

As a child, most of us would have said that their dream career is to be a pilot. The world can however only be able to afford a certain number of pilots; therefore do not feel guilty or bad that you never made it. We are many who did not make it, hoping that this is a good enough consolation. If not, then you can still experience flying your own plane from the cockpit without ever leaving your bedroom! This is made possible through the use of flight Sim games.

So what really are simulator games? To make this easy to understand, we shall break the key words. Simulation is to copy or make to look like. Of course we know flight and games. It therefore means that flight simulator games are those plays that mimic flying a plane or aircraft.

The most modern flight simulator games are made to resemble the real flying of an aircraft to such an extent that the moment you take the joysticks, you would be completely lost in the air. Therefore, what makes it interesting is the more close it is to reality.

The most modern flight simulator games come with a complete Google maps technology in reality. This means that you can select a real place and fly over it without leaving your home. This may provide you with a beautiful way to navigate the world and travel to cities that are far off at almost no cost.

In addition to the choice of terrain, you can choose from a range of aircraft. There are the combat planes or the airbuses such as the Boeing 707 or 747 or A302. At the presetting stage, you can choose the maximum speed and the height levels that you want to fly.

Flight simulator games have the ability to give you an experience that you may never desire in reality such as a crash. You can be able to simulate a crash and evacuation that is safe. With such experiences, you end up having more than a real flight can afford.

The second part of this article talks about what your PC should have if you want to play flight sim games.

A computer game is meant to be enjoyed, and one of the games that is growing in popularity on day to day basis is the flight simulator games. Let us face the fact; there are many people who will never be able to get an opportunity to sit on the cockpit of a plan, right? You may be one of such people and yet you still want to experience the feel of being in a cockpit. Not all is lost; the flight simulator will give you a near experience of an airbus or helicopter.

The challenge is not however gone when you buy the flight software and you get ready to play. It is not just about joystick, the computer hardware and the software that supports the system is equally an important factor to consider. You will only realize this them moment your flight simulator games begin to hang midway as you play the game. Sometime it manifests as a mishap or hanging problems.

When your computer cannot allow you to enjoy your flight simulator games, you need to check the following most likely causes of the hang-ups.

* Poor play back for video clips: this could be a problem of lack of support hardware such as video cards or sound cards. To break this down to simple layman language, it means that when the computer runs the commands in analog and convert them to digital outputs, it requires the video and sound readers to be able to deliver the output in a manner you can understand. If there are poor video and sound qualities, you need to interrogate these features.

* Low speed of video frame: the play rates of the video cards should be commensurate with the speed of recording of the flight simulator games. If there is any discrepancy, then it would lead to slowing down of the loading process.

* Poor play back that distorts the audio: your video support software is made in such a manner that allows it to read from the loaded program and play back the audio. This mechanism must be in synch for it to play the flight simulator games well.

How to Maintain and Clean Your PC

In this article I will show you how to clean your PC hardware and software. You need the following material before we start:


  • Internet access
  • Administrative rights


  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Tissue or a similar item
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Air Duster
  • Thermal Paste

Maintaining Software and Windows Environment

Always keep your anti-virus up-to-date. A virus or malware could do much more damage than anything else to your windows. For example recently a virus has been spread by scammers, which lock your computer and demands $50 in the name of Celas. The following is the Celas respond:

“Statement on computer locking scam – 12th April 2012

CELAS has been alerted to the fact that some internet users have had their computers blocked after watching videos online with a message from ourselves saying they would need to pay £50 to have their computer unlocked.

This is an internet virus or scam and has nothing to do with CELAS or the police. We are currently investigating this issue.

We advise internet users to:

  • Not make any payment to have your computer unlocked
  • Update their anti-virus and firewall software
  • Alert their internet service provider if this problem persists”

One of the leading PC cleaners is called CCleaner. This is a simple too for cleaning temp folders and registry. You can download this program from its website. Furthermore it provides you with disk defragment tool which could be used to defrag hard drives and open up more spaces. You should at least run a defragment test once every three month. Occasionally you might open up to 17% of your hard drive space which could be few gigabytes.

Another important factor in keeping your windows healthy is run heavy programs solo. For example if you are running games, close as many background programs as possible. Firefox is a good example. It occupies big portion of your random access memory which slows down your game.

Maintaining Hardware

To maintain hardware you should be able to open your PC case and access and electronic devices. This is possible if your warranty is avoided. Make sure you don’t have liquids around when you open the case because electronic devices are very sensitive and you can break them pretty easy. Open the case by unscrewing your case. There are different levels of maintenance. We will go through all levels however you can choose how many levels to clean.

Level 1

Use a vacuum cleaner and hoover all your case. Make sure you go over fans and clean them perfectly. Keeping your PC temperature low is one of the most important factors in keeping PC healthy. Make sure you vacuum CPU fan perfectly because it tends to gather lots of dust. Use an air duster to clean dust from your electrical devices such as motherboard.

Take your memory (RAM) out and hoover their slots. Making sure the slots are perfectly clean. Put them back in with caution. Memories are very vulnerable therefore you should be very careful with them.

Level 2

This level is mainly about cleaning your CPU and motherboard. If you haven’t accessed you CPU before watch a tutorial video online and be very careful. Open your CPU fan and take it out. Put some rubbing alcohol on a tissue or similar item and rub over the CPU until all the current thermal paste is gone and cleaned. Do the same procedure on the back of your CPU fan to make sure it is clean.

Put Fresh thermal paste (You can buy online or from any electronic shop) on the middle of your CPU and use a card to spread it around evenly. Now put your fan back on carefully so you don’t mess the thermal paste. This paste eliminates space between the fan and the CPU making it much more efficient. If you system does not boot well or is laggy afterwards you have not put enough paste on your CPU.

Level 3

This level is not recommended for people who are not familiar with PC hardware structure and are unable to assemble a PC together. Unscrew your motherboard and Power supply. Take them out of the case and clean them properly. (Using air duster and vacuum cleaner) Check over your motherboard capacitors to make sure there isn’t anything on top. (like a paste. This shows the capacitor is damaged) If that is the case you should consider replacing the capacitor or the motherboard.

Hoover the power supply fan. If it is possible open the power supply and clean inside it. They usually tend to gather a lot of dust. After this process put everything back inside and enjoy your faster computer.

I hope this article has been useful to you. I would be happy to answer all of your questions. Please comment us your opinion.